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Exaggerated accomplishments erode the people’s faith in Ige

Exaggerated accomplishments erode the people’s faith in Ige

This week, the Ige administration issued a pronouncement that a 2-percent completion of its $37.6 million state payroll modernization is a “Major Milestone.”

The administration has been working on this project for approximately two years, and only 2 percent of the state’s workforce is able to use the system today. To put out a press release hailing this minimal progress is not only a sad attempt to create a campaign talking point, it’s also insulting to the tax-paying public.

At this pace, it will be 2116 by the time all state employees are transitioned to the new payroll system. Our state employees deserve better.

In light of well-documented delays and missteps to modernize the Tax Department, including inappropriate manipulation of progress reports, and a recent report documenting the administration’s failure to provide adequate transparency of its financial management (“Hawaii Gets An ‘F’ For Its Transparency on State Government Spending,” May 8, 2018, Honolulu Civil Beat), this is a time when David Ige should be attempting to rebuild trust in state government. Exaggerated claims further erode the people’s faith in the ability of the state’s top executive to deliver on his own promises.