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Governor Ariyoshi Endorses Colleen Hanabusa for Governor

Governor Ariyoshi Endorses Colleen Hanabusa for Governor

Former Governor George Ariyoshi stood with Colleen Hanabusa at the formal launch of her gubernatorial campaign on Jan. 8.

Former Governor George Ariyoshi on July 11 endorsed Colleen Hanabusa as the proven leader Hawai‘i needs as its next governor.

“Even at my advanced age, I consider myself a futurist and have great concern for the future of Hawai‘i,” said Governor Ariyoshi, who served as the third governor of the state from 1974 to 1986 and was the first American of Asian descent to be elected governor of any state of the United States. “I endorsed David four years ago because I believed he would make Kaka‘ako a major place for locals to live, take advantage of opportunities before us to be a world leader in aerospace, and strengthen the East-West Center to its potential as an anchor of U.S. and Pacific nations.

“I have been disappointed by David. Over the last three and a half years, these prospects and others have begun to slip away.

“Colleen has the enthusiasm, experience and vision to lead our state into the next decade. I was proud to stand next to her in January when she launched her campaign for governor, and I stand with her today. I strongly endorse Colleen for governor.”

Hanabusa said: “It is truly humbling to receive the endorsement of Governor Ariyoshi. As the longest-serving state governor in Hawaiʻi, Governor Ariyoshi holds a place in our state’s history that can never be matched. He understands that the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i requires a titular head who is enthusiastic about leading our party and the state.”

For more information or to get involved with the Hanabusa for Governor campaign, email [email protected] or visit www.HanabusaForGovernor.com.