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Ige Attacks Rather than Take Criticism to Heart

Ige Attacks Rather than Take Criticism to Heart

Once again, David Ige is mounting baseless attacks in the media aimed at leading members of the Hawai‘i Senate and House for their endorsement of Colleen Hanabusa.

It’s wildly hypocritical for David Ige to groundlessly ‘suggest’ that it is improper for legislators to support Colleen’s candidacy, given how willing he was to accept their support and fundraising efforts in the past, and how his campaign has repeatedly sought to capitalize on Mayor Caldwell’s name and title to sponsor fundraisers — the most recent of which was a $2,000 per person event just weeks after the missile alert controversy.

It is a sign of desperation that Ige is alleging unethical behavior on the part of his former colleagues, while being ambiguous about just what he is or isn’t alleging. Rather than resorting to vague insinuations and wiggle words, he should have the courage to put up or stand down. This has become sadly emblematic of Ige, constantly leaving people to guess about just what he is saying, what he means and where he stands.

Voters and legislators are clearly frustrated by David Ige’s lack of leadership. Instead of taking this to heart and actually stepping up to lead, he is grasping for distractions and excuses for his poor position in the polls, weak fundraising performance, and status as one of the least popular governors in the nation.