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Why I’m running for Governor

Why I’m running for Governor

I made my decision to run for Governor after thinking long and hard about Hawaii’s future. About how we, as a community, envision our state not just in 2018, but in the years, and the decades, ahead. For Stacey’s generation, her baby’s generation, and generations to come.

I’m thinking about these things, because at the highest level of state government today, there is a deeply troubling lack of leadership and vision.

There is a profound sense that we are adrift and rudderless, with decisions made by a small circle of people, and no indication of who’s really in charge.

Meanwhile, the challenges facing our state and communities go unanswered day after day. In fact, the problems grow worse, through inattention…through indecision…and through inaction.

We cannot wait another four years for leadership in the governor’s office.

  • We cannot wait as more and more of our young people, discouraged by the future they see for themselves here, leave Hawaii in hopes of better opportunities on the mainland.
  • We cannot wait to deliver better support for public education –and for our students and teachers – from our elementary schools to our universities.
  • We cannot wait while our highways and harbors crumble before our eyes.
  • We cannot wait while inefficiency and poor management cripple state operations and capital improvements… while millions of taxpayer dollars are wasted and precious time is lost, with no accountability at any level.
  • We cannot wait while our parks are occupied and vandalized and the response from state government is to close them down and post armed guards to turn families away from the public places that belong to our children.
  • We cannot wait while, little by little, we lose the Hawai‘i we know and love.

For these reasons and more, today, I am running for the privilege to be governor of the state of Hawaii!

It’s really as simple and heartfelt as this: I am running for governor because I believe the people of Hawai‘i deserve better.

It is time to step up, take action, and move ahead.

  • We need to take action to create more affordable housing for our families and our seniors, not only luxury penthouses for the super-rich.
  • We need to attract and support businesses that create well-paying, long-term jobs for our people.
  • We need to invest more in our aging infrastructure, from bridges and highways, to harbors and airports.
  • We must stand up for public education and Hawaii’s students and teachers, and stop the micro-management by a small clique of advisors that only impedes needed progress.
  • Solving homelessness requires that the state be much more than a passive coordinator. We must actively lead, and show true partnership with the counties to address issues statewide.
  • We must run state operations expecting excellence and accountability, whether upgrading IT systems at the tax department, or building a hangar at the airport.
  • Most of all we need strong and consistent leadership. Our current administration, has a sadly a troubling record of not making its intentions clear, its positions known, or its actions thoughtfully planned and executed. From Mauna Kea to the missile alert to homeless sweeps – our people and communities are too often left wondering what’s really going on or what’s going to happen next.

It’s time for leadership.

But make no mistake, despite our challenges, I believe we have great reason to be hopeful for our future.

Here in Hawai‘i, we pride ourselves on our homegrown solutions. Our commitment to public education, our near universal health care, our treatment of women in the work place, and our support of the rights of those from every background, all stand as testament to our ability to work together to solve challenges that confound others.

I believe it is time – as generations before us have done –to rise again to face the challenge. That requires leadership, a strong vision and, most of all, action.

That is why I’m coming home. This is why I’m running for governor.
I pledge to you my tireless efforts to protect, serve and improve this very special place we all call home.

There is much to do. And in the months ahead I look forward to listening to your concerns, sharing my vision and forging a way forward together.

For all of us.

For our Hawai‘i.

Mahalo for your support!